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Company Profile

Founded on August 23rd, 2001, GOSPELL Digital Technology CO., LTD has been generally acknowledged as China's first-rank DTV equipments manufacturer and DTV total solution provider. With the assistance of perfect total solutions, stable & secure equipments and worldwide service & supports, GOSPELL aims to show you the fascination of technology and the excitement of life.  Company produts include:  Encoder,CATV adapter,TS divider,TS converter,Integrated receiver and decoder.

As the first-rank DTV total solution provider and DTV equipments developer & manufacturer, GOSPELL owns 6,600 employees, and has extended its business in more than 50 countries and districts around the world, becoming one of the most outstanding companies in the field of digital television. Our products involve in digital television, satellite television, safty monitor and control, digital household appliances and many other fields. Currently, we have three R&D centers, five processing bases and thirteen division departments at home, and business offices have also been established in North America, South East Asia, Middle East and Africa. With a Technology Development team that is formed by more than 600 doctors, masters and senior engineers, and a Global Service & Support team that consists of more than 200 technology supporting engineers, GOSPELL has helped more than 1,000 television operators at home and abroad with their construction of Digital Television platforms. The annual productivity reaches to 6,000 sets of DTV headend equipments and softwares, 1,000 sets of transmitting equipments, 6 million DTV set-top-boxes, 20 million LNBs, 3 million satellite receiving antennas and 2 million wireless cameras. The overall output value has been growing to 3 billion Yuan.

For us, technology is life. We focus our efforts to provide viewers with much better visual enjoyment. It is in the development of ideal visual effects that lies the whole enthusiasm of GOSPELL R&D team.

GOSPELL will do its best to provide you with complete DTV turn-key solutions, and we are all looking forward to creating a new field of DTV vision with you.